Live vaccine against Turkey rhinotracheitis and Swollen head syndrome, in ocular-nasal freeze-dried tablet




Live vaccine against Turkey rhinotracheitis and Swollen head syndrome, in ocular-nasal freeze-dried tablet


Live turkey rhinotracheitis virus (TRT), 1062 strain ­ 102.4 TCID50

The isolation of turkey rhinotracheitis (TRT) virus in birds suffering from the swollen head syndrome has made it necessary to control this disease. TRT virus is a pneumovirus which mainly affects the upper respiratory tract of birds, and thus high and long lasting local immunization is essential. This can only be achieved with speci‑c live vaccines. HIPRAVIAR SHS is a vaccine containing a live, highly attenuated TRT virus with immunogenic capacity for the prevention of TRT in turkeys and SHS in hens and chickens.



Chickens, Layers and Breeders: To prevent Swollen head syndrome (SHS).

Turkeys: To prevent Rhinotracheitis (TRT).



Ocular-nasal, oral or spray.

It is advisable to use preferably the ocular-nasal route.

Ocular-nasal: Once the freeze-dried tablet is dissolved in the suitable solvent, administer one drop of the vaccine (0.03 ml) per bird, in the eye or nare, using a standard dropper (30 ml per 1,000 doses).



Chickens, Layers, Breeders and Turkeys: 1 dose/bird.

Generally, the following vaccination programme is recommended:

Chickens: Vaccinate between 14 and 20 days of age. In endemic areas, vaccinate during the ‑rst week of age and revaccinate at three weeks of age. Layers and Breeders: Proceed according to the vaccination programme, depending on the incidence of the disease. Generally, vaccinate at 10 weeks of age and revaccinate with inactivated and/or live vaccine before the laying period (18 to 22 weeks).

Turkeys: Vaccinate during the ‑rst week of age and revaccinate 4-5 weeks later.

– The veterinary surgeon will establish the most suitable vaccination programme according to the health conditions of each farm and area.

– If the number of birds does not coincide with the number of doses of available vials, an overdose should be administered, never administer less than the recommended dosage.



0 days.



– To ensure that vaccine water is ingested within a ½ or 1 hour at most, it is advisable not to administer water to animals for one hour before vaccination in the summer and for 2 hours in winter.

– When administering the vaccine by spray, it is advisable to use course spray (larger than 50 microns) for –revaccinations. For revaccinations, finer droplets can be applied (smaller than 50 microns).



– Shake gently until complete resuspension of the freeze-dried tablet before administration.

– In case of administration by oral route, do not use water with chlorine or disinfectants.

– Spray administration requires the use of protective mask and glasses.

– Store at +2 to +8 °C, protected from light.



Pack of 10 vials of 1,000 ds.

Pack of 10 vials of 5,000 ds.


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